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A brand new gap
He has been a little worried about his look lately. A loose tooth; what are the chicks in school gonna say? Until he got a hug from the girl he likes the most and he realized it was just OK. And then, the day after, it fell out completely. It happened tuesday, the same day this photo was taken. In the morning. For natural reasons. ...
A maya ceremony on the day K´at. K´at is one of the twenty nawales in a calendar that counts with 20 different energy qualities or frequences, one for each day. The nawales are repeated with a different intensity 13 times concluding a period of 260 days. 20 times 13 is 260. In the maya world nothing is coincidence. 260 days corresp ...
If you don´t speak Spanish but want to learn to, why don´t you start with this single word: "anafre"? It means brazier and though I admit it may not be the most useful word, especially in the modern world were you probably live, I insist that its beautiful sound makes it worth memorizing, don´t you agree? (It´s pronounced "a (like ...