23 April, 2017

Jungle kids (Niños de la selva)

Chiapas Kids Travel

A brief visit to a village between Palenque and the Guatemalan border, Chiapas, Mexico. There I met Kenedy, Rufino and some of their friends.

Una visita breve a un pueblo entre Palenque y la frontera con Guatemala, Chiapas, México. Ahí conocí a Kenedy, Rufino y algunos de sus amigos.


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When they reached the middle of the forest the father told the children to collect wood to make a fire to keep them warm; and Hansel and Gretel gathered brushwood enough for a little mountain; and it was set on fire, and when the flame was burning quite high the wife said, “Now lie down by the fire and rest yourselves, you children, and we will go and cut wood; and when we are ready we will come and fetch you.” So Hansel and Gretel sat by the fire, and at noon they each ate their pieces of bread. They thought their father was in the wood all the time, as they seemed to hear the strokes of the axe, but really it was only a dry branch hanging t ...